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Corvo Attano the Pacifist Assassin
There are few games out there that aren’t violent. So it makes some degree of sense then whenever violence comes up in the media, the phrase ‘violent video games’ will get thrown around like a tennis ball. I can feel some rage brewing, so let me state for the record: I am a gamer. I own many games, and have spent so many hours on games, that just hearing my statistics would push some people into a rage about unemployed,  lazy, violent, teenage, overweight gamers.  I speak from the point of actually having played some violent video games.
The relation between video games and violence swings from tenuous to strong depending on the study referenced and who is referencing it. The continued debates about this is why I find, I find “Dishonored” such an interesting game.
“Dishonored” initially seemed like any other game: incredibly violent.  Players jump into the mind and world of Corvo Attano, a man who has been framed for murder of th
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Compulsive Liar
Her carelessly constructed conceits aren't convincing;
her speech struggles to steady itself as it spews lies.
Helplessly hopeless, or hopeful hero
are the range of roles she represents.
I wondered why they welcomed her
until I saw her scattered scars, and she seemingly suffered
a myriad of medical maladies.
She, indeed, has some indisputable insanity.
We pardon the pitiful person,
who shields her soul in suspicion
afraid what lies within will be loathed.
we will indulge her deceptive ways,
but should we?
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Double Edged Sword by Cooper1994 Double Edged Sword :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0
Coming out Crazy
It was easier to come out gay than crazy
To them I was lying, just being lazy
the heart simmers
but the head knows
five doctors, two diagnoses, under my belt
All that mattered is what they, not I, felt
They felt responsible for chemistry
not wanting the fault to be in hist'ry
It all hurts, but I'll always know
It was easier to come out gay than crazy
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Scared Persian by Cooper1994 Scared Persian :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0 Gray by Cooper1994 Gray :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0 Proud Queen by Cooper1994 Proud Queen :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0 Molly by Cooper1994 Molly :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0 Self Portrait by Cooper1994 Self Portrait :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0 Valentina by Cooper1994 Valentina :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0 Dragon Priest Mask by Cooper1994 Dragon Priest Mask :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 1 0 Nightingale Hood by Cooper1994 Nightingale Hood :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0 Female Ancient Nord Helmet by Cooper1994 Female Ancient Nord Helmet :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0
Why Do We Love the Zombie Apocalypse?
The thing about zombies is that they don’t really have a historical basis. The idea of the dead rising was nothing new, especially when the science of determining who was dead was still in its infancy, making it quite possible to misdiagnose someone as dead.
The type of zombie I’m talking about is ubiquitous in today’s culture. It’s been declared cliché yet we’re still eating up zombie fiction like they would eat us.
It all started with a man named Romero. Well, that’s what we think. In reality, flesh-eating undead can be traced back to the Epic of Gilgamesh:
I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,
I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down,
and will let the dead go up to eat the living!
And the dead will outnumber the living
Horror master H.P. Lovecraft built on that archetype in Herbert West-Reanimator, whose zombies were mute, extremely violent, and uncontrollable.
Of course, epics and H.P. Lovecraft hardly qualify as pop c
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Flying Squirrel by Cooper1994 Flying Squirrel :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 4 0 A Tale of Two Cities: Scene Representation by Cooper1994 A Tale of Two Cities: Scene Representation :iconcooper1994:Cooper1994 0 0


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I've heard it time and time again. "The smartphone is going to kill photography. Everyone has a camera now. Photos are uploaded by the thousands. Anyone can have a camera now, so photography is no longer an art form. Oh, there are all these people with their smart phones, thinking they can be an artist because they have a camera."

Let me be frank: that's elitist bullshit. 

There is a difference between capturing a moment and capturing art. 

Here's a photo I took about two months ago.

It's utter crap, right? Who in their right mind would call this art? The picture was taken by a potato, the background is way too cluttered to even begin to dissect, and the subject matter is not in a proper position. 

I have shared this photo too. Not on here--until this moment--because it's definitely not art. I shared it on my personal facebook page, because my rabbit fell asleep in my arms. This was a moment. 

Here's another photo I've taken:

I'm not going to talk about why this is good, due to not wanting to toot my own horn--you are welcome to of course--but I can talk about why this is art. Camera quality doesn't mean too much, in my opinion, but there's a huge difference between the bunny picture and this bee picture in physical quality. You can discern the subject without trouble. 

The other part that is different is the inferred intentions. I'm clearly not taking this photo to say: OMG I SAW A BEE GUYZ. I may not have gone out looking for this exact picture, but I found the bee flying in front of my camera--I was taking pictures of the flowers until I spotted the bee--and began taking pictures of it. I followed it until I was uncomfortable by the amount of bees around me, and I left.

Some photographers go even further. Instead of going out and finding their artistic moment, they make it. I'm not a 'make it' photographer, as I rarely work with still life or people, so I've outsourced the photo to feature another artist: 

The model was picked. The outfit was picked. The location was very carefully picked. The time of day was clearly picked. The photographer may well have guided the model into this position, or decided this position was even worth seeing.

This is a deliberate work of art.

Yes, there are some people out there who are going to take their smartphone, their point-and-click, take a picture, and declare themselves an artist. But here's the thing: that's how an artist is born. I know I SUUUCKED as an artist at first. I couldn't tell when a picture was in-focus, or if I had shaken the camera too much during the shot. I had no idea how the camera worked, and how to make it work. As I practiced, I noticed things. Photos I liked more. If things were in focus. How to post-process. That's when I became an artist by everyone else's standards; not just mine. But everyone has to have a starting point, and we shouldn't declare those people are ruining art, because we were those people. 

 Sure, not everyone will get to the point of aspiring artist. They'll never get past accidentally putting their thumb over the lens. They'll spend their life taking pictures of their pets doing cute stuff, or taking pictures of events. These people are not a threat to us. They're sharing moments. They're not making art. 


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Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
I am working on selling my scripts, and have sold my photos before, which makes me excited yet terrified.

Types of Artwork:

Scripts & Skits: Two complete ones!


3-D Art



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